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UK Kindle 3G/Wifi  or Kindle 4 Wifi

British buyers can now order the third and forth generation Kindle Readers direct from the UK.  Click the link above for full details and current pricing.

Please note, since writing this article the six inch display Kindle has been improved.  There are two options (one using wi-fi, the other using 3G and/or wi-fi to connect to the internet and give you almost instant downloads of new ebooks), both of which are available to buy via the links above from the United Kingdom. The Kindle 4 offers a smaller, cheaper option for those that really just want to read on the device, whilst the Kindle 3 features a larger memory, longer battery life and a keyboard as well as 3G internet connection making web browsing and note taking that little bit easier. 

For improvements to the 3rd Generation UK Kindle and the Kindle 4 check out our more recent post. You can now order Kindles online from the UK

Back to the original post…

Please note the following was written before the Kindle 3 was made available in the UK Kindle Store…

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device has achieved massive success in the US for several years now.  Since Oct 2009 it has been opened up to a much wider audience.  In fact not only can the Kindle Reader be bought from almost anywhere now, its wireless download function also works on over one hundred countries worldwide.

There is though still much confusion about where to buy the Kindle in the UK, London, Europe and just about everywhere.  The reason is that though you are now allowed to buy, own and use this marvelous little ebook reader just about everywhere, there is still only one place actually selling the things.  Wherever you are, you will still only be able to buy a new Kindle Wireless Handheld Reader from one source;

The sellers of the worlds most popular e-reader are keeping a firm control on stocks and shipments, so all customers must buy from this single source.  But with reliable and surprisingly fast international shipping who really cares how far away the order is coming from?  The main thing is that at least now gadget fans and book lovers across the UK and Europe can at last get hold of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device.  Its about time is all we at Handheld Ebook Readers UK can say.  If the store ever allows stocks to be carried in Europe or London we will of course let you know but for now if you want to Buy the UK Kindle head on over to  While you are there you may wish to buy your Kindle Accessories there too, or of course you could buy Kindle Covers in the UK instead.

Don’t let the fact that you cannot buy the Kindle directly from London or indeed anywhere else in Britain or Europe deter you from enjoying the enormous charm of this hugely popular product.  It is true other e-readers are better suited to some, but the Kindle still offers the cheapest source of best-sellers and new titles to consumers.

So remember if you want to know Where to Buy the Kindle in the UK, the answer is here! And, for any ex-pats soaking up the sun it looks like you’ll be able to buy the Kindle in Spain by the end of 2011.

  19 Responses to “Where to Buy the Kindle in the UK?”

  1. […] as there is nowhere else officially selling new Kindles.  So if you want to know where to buy the Kindle in the UK, that’s where you need to go.  Don’t panic though, delivery is quick and reliable and […]

  2. do you have free shipping and do you have any NEW Kindle Wireless Reading Device Wi-Fi 6″ What is the cheapest price you will sell this to me today? I’m perchasing it for my grandchild, hope to hear from you very soon, Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas to you too Gary,

    The new wifi only Kindle is 109 pounds with free shipping – you can order it here.

  4. Please, is there anywhere else I can buy one rather than Amazon. They are using Citylink for delivery and the one I have ordered is stuck somewhere between Milton Keynes and Northampton, and has been for over a week. I am loosing hope that it will ever arrive. All reports about Citylink say thier service is appalling.

  5. Hi Heather,

    Sorry Amazon are the only online source of the Kindle, and I don’t know if any real stores would have any in stock. Fingers crossed yours arrives before Christmas.

  6. “what is the cheapest price you will sell it to me for today?”…………….Is Gary a congenital idiot?

    You should have told him £149 and trousered a few quid.

  7. I will be in London on 12th-13th February.
    Can I visit your store on 88 Oxford Street and buy the Kindle in your store?
    Please repylya.s.a.p.

  8. Hi B.A. We don’t have a store sorry!

  9. What do I have to do to buy a kindle on lline, sorry I’m not very conversant with on line purchasing thanks jack Nounou

  10. Hi Jack,

    Just click on the big text at the top, for either a 3G Kindle, or a wi-fi Kindle. You will then be able to enter your quantity, delivery and payment details securely.

  11. Kindles now available in store at Tesco & online at Tesco direct

  12. Hi Emily, only in store though – you cannot buy the Kindle online with anyone else yet!

  13. Once I’ve purchased my Kindle and begin downloading books…can I pay for them online with a credit card? Also, I’ve read that for the more “mature” users who wish to view book purchases via the larger computer monitor before downloading to the Kindle…can this download be accomplished via USB Port with existing cables?

  14. @ Faye – you can buy Kindle books from the device itself or from a computer. The Kindle book store will remember your debit or credit card details from when you bought the device, or your first book, so you won’t need to keep inputting those details to order more titles. Once ordered you can view them on a computer with the “Kindle app” installed, or on the device. If you want to send them to the computer first you can then transfer via the USB cable to your Kindle, or download wirelessly if you have wi-fi or 3G connectivity at that time.

    I usually order new books on my laptop since I use that more to access the web easily. Once paid for they will show up in the “archives” section on the Kindle. Click on the title in the archive title you wish to read next and it will download wirelessly to the device if you have the 3G/wi-fi switched on.

  15. I hear you can buy the kindle at all best buy shops

  16. I am thinking about getting my first kindle, am thinking of the new one with smaller memory, can I store downloaded books on my pc too so I can remove them from the kindle and re load them without having to pay again?

  17. Hi Lisa, You can simply re-download the books to your Kindle at any time foc as they will be stored in your own personal library at the Kindle store.

  18. I live in singapore and I have the kindle e reader. However I am unable to buy the ebooks from amazon uk. There are so many books that i want to buy but it appears that amazon uk will not accept purchase. Is this true ? What is the use of having the kindle then.

  19. Amazon do not ship Kindles to Singapore or offer content there. I am guessing you had the Kindle shipped to another country initially (or got second hand). You would need to register the Kindle to that other country if you wanted to download new ebooks.

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